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Services & Procedures

At Moore Family Dentistry, we want to make it simple for you to fit in dental care for you and your family, making it the priority that it needs to be. Your oral health care is just as vital to your overall well-being as your child’s well-child check-up and your yearly cholesterol screening.

By offering a range of services in one welcoming and comfortable location, Moore Family Dentistry allows your family to get complete dental care easily and conveniently. Call today to schedule your appointment!

Preventive Dentistry in Pelham, AL

Pelham dentist Dr. Moore is passionate about preventive dentistry and knows that it’s the foundation of all dental care. Through preventive cleanings, we can help you avoid most common dental concerns, including cavities and gum disease. Routine examinations give us the opportunity to check your teeth and catch any problems that do develop in their earliest stages so that we can treat them as simply and conservatively as possible.

Dr. Moore is so committed to providing preventive dentistry to families in Pelham, that he offers a free dental exam to all of his new patients, which includes x-rays, an oral cancer screening, and a periodontal examination to detect any signs of emerging gum disease.

Restorative Dental Care

If your teeth need a little extra help to look and feel their best, call today to schedule a restorative care consultation with Dr. Moore. He’ll examine your teeth and gums and discuss your concerns and your goals with you to create a treatment plan that will best meet your needs.

Some of the restorative treatments our office is proud to offer include dental implants to replace missing teeth or provide extra security for dentures, crowns and bridges to restore or replace damaged or missing teeth, Invisalign to invisibly straighten crooked teeth, and fillings to repair cavities or fix chips and other structural damage. Dr. Moore has the skills and experience to provide a full-mouth reconstruction and give you the attractive and functional smile you’ve always wanted.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Perhaps your teeth are healthy but you know that they could look a bit better. Maybe they’re discolored, slightly misaligned, or have chips and other aesthetic damage. With cosmetic treatments at Moore Family Dentistry, you can have the smile of your dreams.
From porcelain veneers and crowns to cosmetic bonding to teeth whitening, we can work with you to find the cosmetic treatment that will give you the results you want. Call today for a smile makeover consultation.

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