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Oral Surgery in Pelham, AL

Oral pain doesn’t just ruin your day – it’s usually a sign that something is very wrong. At Moore Family Dentistry in Pelham, AL, we can diagnose and treat a range of conditions, including those that require oral surgery.

Often, dentists refer out more complex cases such as root canals and oral surgery to others. We understand the importance of offering full dental care in one location performed by the dentist and team you know and trust, and this is why we offer surgical solutions such as removal of infected teeth, removal of impacted wisdom teeth, corrective jaw surgery, bone grafting, dental implant placement, and much more.

Our team here at Moore Family Dentistry has extensive training and experience in surgical procedures. Better yet, we also have an understanding of the fear and anxiety that patients often feel when told they need oral surgery. You’ll find our team compassionate, caring, and devoted to your comfort as well as your health and safety.

Oral Surgery Procedures

Whenever possible, we would prefer to avoid surgery and use a more conservative and less invasive treatment plan. Unfortunately, this is not always appropriate, and sometimes surgery is required to properly treat your condition.

Some of the most common situations we treat with surgery here at Moore Family Dentistry include:

Impacted teeth – Wisdom teeth or third molars may turn out more problematic than helpful once they grow. When a tooth does not fully emerge from the gum tissue, that tooth is said to be impacted, and removal is the appropriate solution.

When an impacted tooth is allowed to remain, the openings in the gum provide an opportunity for infection, which can spread to other teeth and cause systemic problems. Additionally, molars and wisdom teeth that do not grow in properly can force your other teeth into improper alignment, creating additional risk for decay and periodontal disease.

Infected or abscessed teeth – An abscess is a serious infection in your tooth or gum. Sometimes, the infection can be treated with antibiotics or root canal therapy, but sometimes an emergency extraction is the most appropriate solution to protect the integrity of your other teeth and prevent spreading the infection.

Unequal or misaligned jaw – if your upper and lower jaws do not fit together, eating, talking, and specific mouth movements become difficult and even quite painful. You may need oral surgery to avoid any problems and ensure your mouth can function properly.

Dental implants – It’s common practice for other dentists to refer their patients out for surgical placement of dental implants. We prefer to perform this important surgery right here in our office for our patients who are getting implants. Not only does this simplify treatment and speed up the process, it eliminates the risk of miscommunication, improving your continuity of care.

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Moore Family Dentistry provides examination, diagnosis, and treatment of different dental problems requiring oral surgery. We encourage our patients to undergo a thorough check-up so that we can determine if you have any conditions that require treatment and discuss all of your treatment options with you.

Our team is only a phone call away. You can schedule an appointment to start your consultation.

Patient Testimonial:It was so much better than i thought

I am a major chicken with the dentist. I had to have a root canal, but it was so much better than I thought it would be. Dr. Moore would ... Read More

Patient Testimonial:"I had to have a root canal, but it was so much better than I thought it would be."

I am a major chicken with the dentist. I had to have a root canal, but it was so much better than I thought it would be. Dr. Moore would ... Read More