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Teeth Whitening in Pelham, AL

Teeth Whitening Pelham ALTeeth Whitening or dental bleaching is a basic procedure to improve teeth’s color. Through the years, this procedure has increasingly become part of cosmetic dentistry instead of the general practice. Teeth Whitening and bleaching treatments restore the teeth’s natural color and improve their shade when applicable. Dentists use different components to whiten teeth. These include bleaching strips, whitening gels, laser, brushing and other natural whitening materials. Common bleaching materials include carabamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and water.

The peroxide oxidizing agent goes through the tooth’s enamel. The agent bleaches the dentin to whiten stained regions. Another method, power bleaching, uses light energy to speed up the Teeth Whitening process. Dentists follow a whitening shade guide to measure the color of the patient’s teeth. This indicates if the bleaching method is effective or not. Likewise, this guide establishes up to what color is safe for the teeth.

There are many causes of tooth discoloration. These include fluorosis, enamel hypoplasia and tetracycline, and tooth age. Usually, your teeth become darker and yellower when you reach 50 years old. Lifestyle factors also affect teeth shade. For example, smoking, drinking beverages like coffee, tea, cola drinks and wine, or eating food items with strong pigments increases your chance of having stained teeth.

Dentists offer a variety of whitening methods such as in-office, light-accelerated, internal bleaching, at home, and natural bleaching. Prior to whitening, the dentist will examine your dental history, check soft and hard oral tissues, and conduct x-ray to find out the depth and nature of irregularities. Not everyone can go through the procedure; this is why patients have to go through assessment first. Some dental or health conditions do not go well with bleaching methods.