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Need a Beautiful Smile Fast? Teeth Whitening Might Be Your Best Choice!

Bright Smile | professional teeth whitening pelham al
Are you getting ready for a big event but you’ve noticed that your smile is looking a bit drab? We have good news for you! In as little as 60 minutes—perhaps over your lunch hour—you can turn your smile from dull to dazzling with professional teeth whitening.Having whiter teeth not only serves as a self-confidence booster, but it can also mean you smile more so you feel happier as do the people around you. Having a white smile can also take years off your appearance.Teeth whitening has grown in popularity in recent years as a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is quick, affordable, and safe. Professional teeth whitening from your Alabaster, ...

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3 Differences to Expect with Modern Dentures

Older Couple | Modern Dentures
There is no doubt about it: Losing your teeth is an experience that can impact your self-confidence as well as your health if you are having trouble chewing. If you are facing the prospect of dentures to replace your missing teeth, you might have an image in your head of an elderly person lying in bed next to a set of teeth in a cup of water.You will be relieved to know that today’s modern dentures are much different from those old-fashioned tooth replacements.Find out more about today’s modern dentures by calling Moore Family Dentistry in Pelham, AL.How Dentures Today Differ from Those in the PastToday’s dentures look more ...

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When You're Considering Orthodontics – But You Aren't in High School Anymore!

Adult Orthodontics | Pelham AL Dentist
If you have been living with crooked teeth all your life, you might feel like there is nothing you can do about that won't involve a mouth full of metal wires and brackets. But as an adult, that option is probably less than appealing.The good news is that now you have options for orthodontics that fit well into the adult lifestyle. Six Month Smiles offers a quick, unobtrusive way to straighten your teeth.Before you talk to your Alabaster, AL dentist about Six Month Smiles, let’s take a look at what these modern orthodontics have to offer those who are not in high school anymore!Six Month Smiles Are Barely NoticeableOne of ...

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Bothered by Chips & Gaps? We Can Help

Cosmetic Dentistry in Pelham AL
Do you find yourself hiding your smile because of gaps or spaces between your teeth? Does it affect your confidence? Could it be affecting your relationships? Did you know there are excellent and efficient solutions for spacing between your teeth and cosmetic dentistry in Pelham, AL can help?Cosmetic BondingDental bonding is a great option for repairing minor imperfections such as:Discoloration and stainingGaps and spacing between teethSmall chips and fracturesRecession due to gum diseaseSize discrepancies or misshapen teethCosmetic bonding utilizes composite resin, which is the same material used for dental fillings. Composite can be customized to match your teeth and blend seamlessly with your smile. Bonding is not invasive, doesn't require ...

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How Invisalign Moves Your Teeth without Brackets and Wires

Invisalign | Dentist in Pelham AL
For patients living with crooked teeth, the idea of wearing metal braces may seem just as unappealing as dealing with a misaligned smile. Unfortunately, this keeps many people from straightening their teeth and enjoying the benefits of a beautiful smile. However, Invisalign in Pelham can offer patients the smile they've always dreamed of with discretion they'll appreciate. Here's how it works.The Ins and Outs of InvisalignInvisalign uses custom plastic aligners that fit snugly over your teeth. A snug fit ensures that they don't interfere with your daily activities, and also make them virtually invisible. The aligners are designed to apply gentle pressure to specific areas, which gradually moves your ...

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Ways the Media Misrepresents Dentists (and the Truth!)

Dentist in Pelham AL
While we rely on the media for so much of our information, as the saying goes, "You can't believe everything you hear on television," – or social media in today's world.Dentistry has faced some of the same issues as most scientific subjects when covered by the media, and unfortunately a lot of what you hear isn't true. Moore Family Dentistry, the office of Dr. Spencer Moore, your Shelby County, AL dentist, is here to set the record straight on the media and your oral health.SensationalismRemember, the media wants to grab your attention. The best way to do this is by sensationalizing their information. This makes everything feel more dramatic and ...

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Fixing Chips and Gaps in Teeth

Dentist in Alabaster AL
Are you concerned about the appearance of your teeth?Give us a call if you’ve been considering cosmetic dentistry. Alabaster, AL dentist Dr. Spencer Moore has both skill and an eye for esthetic detail when it comes to repairing damage, closing gaps, and transforming a so-so smile into a work of art!Why Should You Fix Your Gaps and Chips?We recognize that many people feel that their chipped or gapped teeth are a part of their “signature look,” and we respect your individuality. We also believe that you should have all the facts so you can make an informed decision about your dental health.Your enamel provides a protective layer that makes it ...

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