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What is cosmetic dentistry?

cosmetic dentistry pelham al The basic idea behind cosmetic dentistry is that the appearance of your smile is an important part of how you present yourself to the world, allowing you to feel confident and comfortable with your appearance.

There are lots of reasons why someone may be unhappy with the way their smile looks. The appearance of our teeth are affected by oral hygiene, our lifestyle habits (like smoking), and the foods we consume. Complications that occur with the development of our teeth over time can create misalignment issues that we’d like to see corrected.

Cosmetic dentistry can help resolve all these problems. Today’s dental technology allows us to use subtle, non-invasive procedures to help your teeth look whiter, brighter, and generally more attractive.

Procedures like veneers, teeth whitening, Invisalign, and dental crowns placed at our Pelham dental office can enhance your appearance and your oral health. Dr. Moore has the expertise to provide cosmetic treatments that are discreet and undetectable.

No matter what type of cosmetic dental flaw you’d like to correct, we have the solution for you. If you think that cosmetic dentistry is costly and complicated, you may be surprised at how affordable and simple most treatments are.

Please contact our office to arrange a consultation. Dr. Moore will assess the condition of your teeth and make recommendations as to which treatments will help you achieve the smile of your dreams.


Patient Testimonial:"I love my new smile!"

I love my new smile! love my veneers! He had a lab guy come to the office to spend time with me to get exactly what I wanted. I love ... Read More

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