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Why do I need a dental filling?

dental fillings pelham al At Moore Family Dentistry, dental fillings are the most common essential service we provide. A dental filling is needed when you have a cavity. If the decay is not removed while it is still small, it will eventually spread and damage the rest of your tooth.

It is important to address cavities when they are small, because this is the most effective method we have for protecting your oral health. When decay is allowed to spread, it can lead to serious problems, including the loss of your tooth.

Nobody likes the thought of having a root canal, but decay can eventually spread so deep into your tooth that it enters the root canal. When this happens, you will most likely experience severe pain and have to have a root canal to save your tooth. This can easily be avoided with a simple dental filling while the decay is still minor.

The best chance you have for finding cavities early is prevention. This is why we so strongly recommend regular dental exams and cleanings with a dental hygienist at our Pelham dental office are. It is so much easier to take these simple steps now, rather than risking the loss of your tooth later.

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