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How can you prevent dentures from slipping?

Dentures Slipping | Pelham Al Dentist As long as there have been dentures, there have been problems with them slipping and shifting out of place. At our Pelham dental office, we can make dentures that fit well, and are much more stable than their older counterparts.

Dentures made many years ago were created using a very rigid material that simply did not conform to the unique shape of the denture wearer’s jaw. This not only caused them to move around – most often while eating or speaking – but it also made them extremely uncomfortable, causing irritation and even pain.

Today’s dentures are created out of a softer, more comfortable material that conforms very comfortably to the shape of the jaw. This alone makes for a more stable placement since they simply fit better.

Another great advance in dental technology – dental implants - have given us a means to make dentures completely stable and secure. Dr. Moore can attach the implants directly to your dentures, providing a degree of stability that we’ve never been able to achieve any other way.

We would love the opportunity to tell you more about the benefits of modern dentures, and how they can be held firmly and comfortably in place with dental implants. Please contact our Pelham dental office to arrange a convenient appointment.


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