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What are the advantages of porcelain crowns?

Apart from your hair and face, your smile is the first thing that people notice. Damaged, stained, cracked, and gapped teeth can affect your overall appearance. That is the reason many people look to our services for fixing their dental problems. Porcelain crowns are the number one solution chosen by your dentist in Pelham, AL when it comes to restoring a person’s smile. Here are the following reasons you should choose porcelain crowns.

It Feels Natural

Compared to other materials used in dental crowns, porcelain looks and feels like natural teeth. For instance, our dentists place porcelain crowns onto our patients’ teeth so expertly that they do not feel like they are even wearing them at all.

Porcelain is a Tough Material

Not only does porcelain look and feel like real teeth, it is even tougher and more durable than other materials used in dental crowns. Our porcelain crowns last for over a decade once placed on our patients’ teeth. Unlike other materials, you do not have to do any special after-implant procedures to maintain porcelain. More importantly, porcelain does not wear out easily compared to other materials.

It Makes your Teeth Function Better

Porcelain crowns cover the damaged parts of your teeth to make them function better. Our patients do not only smile more confidently, they can eat whatever they want even with porcelain crowns.

You can personalize its Look

You can change the color and even texture of porcelain crowns to make them look natural. Our dentists can actually change and mold the porcelain to suit the natural contours of your teeth and gum line.

Helps Improve your Speech

Some people, especially those with gapped teeth, have slightly slurred speech. Because porcelain crowns cover the damaged teeth, they may improve the person’s speech. Porcelain crowns also offer excellent protection so you do not have to worry about tooth decay as much.

Porcelain Crowns are Comfortable to Wear

Because our dentists customize and mold porcelain crowns, our patients feel comfortable when wearing them. In short, they do not affect a person when eating and speaking. Wearing porcelain crowns is the best way to fix damaged, cracked, and stained teeth.