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How do I Brush, Floss and Rinse to Get Rid of Gingivitis?

Just like any other dental condition, gingivitis is best controlled through proper dental hygiene. If you already have gingivitis and want to treat it, or if you want to arm yourself from the possibility of getting gingivitis, here are some of the dental hygiene concepts that you need to brush up on:

Brushing Your Teeth

You shouldn’t have to be reminded to brush your teeth after each meal and before going to bed. But it’s not just important for you to bruGingivitis Prevention | Moore Family Dentistrysh your teeth frequently, but it’s also just as important for you to take note of how you brush your teeth. Dentists say that the best way to brush is through gentle, circular strokes.

However, most individuals think that the more forceful you are at brushing, the more effective you are at cleaning your teeth. This is the complete opposite though. On the other hand, having such a heavy hand when you brush your teeth may only irritate your gums and exacerbate your gingivitis. You can switch to an automated toothbrush if you cannot control the way that you brush your teeth.

On another note, it’s important that you allocate at least two minutes when brushing your teeth. You can even divide your mouth into four quadrants and spend 30 seconds for each quadrant.


Flossing is one of those things which you know you have to do but cannot bring yourself to do. But think of it this way, flossing helps to get rid of dental debris which accumulates in between your teeth, spaces which are too tiny for the bristles of your toothbrush to get into.

If you wear braces, you can make use of threaders in order to get the floss in between your teeth without being damaged by the wires or brackets. On the other hand, waxed dental floss is best for individuals with very tiny gaps in between their teeth since this type of dental floss glides smoothly in between teeth.

And don’t be daunted if you find blood the first time you floss. For as long as you are careful with flossing, you should find the episodes of bleeding to steadily decrease as you continue to floss.

Use Mouthwash

If you want to get rid of plaque, then try rinsing with mouthwash. There are different types of mouthwash including therapeutic ones. For instance, anti-tartar mouth rinses prevent the plaque from solidifying hence they stay in their soft, easily removable form. While mouth rinsing is a suitable alternative if you find flossing too cumbersome, they work best when done together. 

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