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What’s the issue with teeth sensitivity?

Sensitive teeth may not be as painful a problem as tooth decay, but it can really restrict the things which you can eat or drink. Dentin hypersensitivity, the other term for sensitive teeth, can really affect your quality of life. Actually, there are several factors that can increase your risk of developing sensitive teeth.

Brushing too hardTooth Sensitivity | Pelham AL Dentist

The tendency of brushing too hard is that parts of the enamel layer will be stripped away because of the friction or the bristles could cause scratches on the surface of your teeth. These minute scratches may seem negligible but they are enough to let substances penetrate into the inner portion of the tooth and cause stimulation of the nerves. When hot or cold substances, such as coffee or ice cream, get into the tooth and head for the pulp, nerves are excited and you feel that sudden pain which resolves just shortly after.

At the same time, brushing vigorously can also lead to gingivitis which causes gum recession. When the gum line recedes, what happens is that the dental roots become exposed. The dental roots are actually made up of microscopic pores which allow the entrance of minute substances just like what was explained above. Dental roots are not like the crowns of teeth since they lack the protective enamel layer.

Teeth grinding

While it may be natural for you to grind your teeth during the height of an argument, some people actually grind their teeth more than usual. In fact, it’s more like they are gnashing their teeth, and chances are that they do not even know that they are doing these things.

Teeth grinding is often caused by anxiety and stress, and episodes often occur while one is asleep. The problem with teeth grinding is that it causes the stripping off of the enamel layer because of the excessive friction that is produced. When the enamel layer is removed, the microscopic pores of the dentin become exposed to external stimuli.

If you suspect that you might be grinding your teeth while you are asleep, then you should ask your dentist about getting mouth guards. The thing about these mouth guards is that they provide a protective barrier between both sets of teeth to protect the enamel even when you do grind. If you really want to solve the root cause, then try seeing a therapist who can help you with stress management.

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