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How should I take care of my child’s oral health?

children's oral health | pelham al dentist Attention, parents! According to studies, the state of your child’s oral health early in life will influence the level of their risk for cavities in the future. Hence, just because they’re only sporting milk teeth, which will give way to permanent teeth in the future, does not mean that you could afford to let them eat as much candy as they want and get away with not brushing before going to bed.

You don’t have to make your children go through a dental boot camp just to make sure that they’ll have healthy, white teeth. Just follow these simple tips and you give yourself a pat on the back for being a good parent:

1. Emphasize the need to brush at least twice a day

Tell your children that the reason they have to brush their teeth after each meal is to get rid of dirt that comes in the form of plaque. At the same time, tell them that the food left inside their mouths after a meal also serve as food for nasty cavity-causing bacteria, hence the need to brush right after eating. To motivate your kids to brush, you can pick out playful toothbrushes, such as electric brushes with built-in timers, as well as flavored toothpastes.

2. Make your kids floss once a day

This can be a bit of a problem, even for adults. However, flossing gets rid of food debris and plaque which are stuck in between teeth that the bristles of your toothbrush cannot reach, which could be the source of tooth decay. Flossing is so effective in giving you healthy teeth that studies assert that flossing can add up to 10 more years to your life.

3. Plan snacks and give treats with meals.

Sweets are not entirely bad for your children’s teeth. Rather, it is when sugar is allowed to fester inside your mouth when the problem starts to brew. For this reason, make sure that you limit your child’s snacking and even the consumption of sugary drinks.

Also, if you want to reward your child with a bar of chocolate or anything similarly sweet, then do so as a way to cap off a meal. This is because your child promptly brushes after the meal as compared to when you give the same sweet treat in the middle of the afternoon wherein he or she would most likely just carry on playing.

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