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Can you whiten my teeth for my wedding?

Teeth Whitening for Wedding | Moore Family Dentistry Many patients with special events on the horizon come to us wanting to improve the appearance of their smiles. Whether you have a reunion, wedding, holiday, vacation, or other special occasion, looking your best can help you feel your best, too! 

Professional teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your teeth. As you age, dark-colored foods and beverages like coffee and tea can take their toll on your appearance. If you use tobacco, you might notice particularly dark stains. The good news is that removing those stains is incredibly simple.

When you come to our office for custom teeth whitening trays, we will provide you with enough whitening gel to get the job done. You can save your trays to touch up your teeth later, if necessary.

We will go over instructions on whitening so that you can avoid some of the most common side effects: tooth sensitivity and gum tenderness.

Having whiter teeth can make you look and feel younger, more attractive, and confident. If you want to have whiter teeth for your special occasion, call us and set up an evaluation so that we can get you started on the path to a brighter smile.