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Do store-bought teeth whitening toothpastes really work?

Any toothpaste you purchase at the grocery store contains mild polishing agents to help remove surface stains from your teeth. Toothpaste that specifically claims to whiten your teeth contain added abrasives that gently polish teeth, removing more stains than regular toothpaste.Toothpaste | Pelham AL Dentist

However, there is no bleaching agent contained in teeth whitening toothpaste, and they may polish your teeth a bit more than regular toothpaste, but will only remove stains from the surface of your teeth.

You can purchase teeth whitening kits at your local drug store, and these kits do contain a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide that helps remove surface stains along with stains deep within your teeth

These store-bought kits will only whiten your teeth by about one shade, so if you’re looking for more dramatic results, our Pelham dental office has some professional teeth whitening options that will really provide a boost to the whiteness of your smile.

Our professional take-home kits are much more effective than the kits you purchase at the store for two reasons. First, the whitening gel contains a much higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide than store-bought kits. Second, your kit includes a custom whitening tray that fits your teeth perfectly, allowing for maximum contact with the whitening solution.

But the quickest and most dramatic results are achieved with a professional in-office teeth whitening treatment done at our Pelham dental office. Since the dentist controls treatment, the whitener is highly concentrated and results in a smile transformation that whitens your teeth by as much as six shades in under an hour. Contact us for further information.