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How did I get TMJ?

How Did I Get TMJ? | Pelham AL Dentist First, this is a rather complex subject to understand because TMJ is actually a group of conditions that affect your temporomandibular joint. It is not really known exactly what causes TMJ, as it can be any one of a number of problems and varies from person to person. It is clear, though, that whatever the cause, your jaw joint is no longer functioning as it should.

TMJ can cause you to experience anything from teeth grinding and mild discomfort to excruciating pain that can ruin your quality of life. Many people suffer through years of this kind of physical pain because they don’t realize that there are some very basic solutions available.

Dr. Moore will work with you to try to pinpoint the problem and find the appropriate treatment that provides relief. In many cases, all that is needed is a custom-made night guard (also referred to as an occlusal splint.) This holds your jaw in a neutral position, eliminating the grinding and clenching of your teeth that is often associated with TMJ.

If you are suffering from migraines, pain in your jaw, neck, and shoulders, please call our Pelham dental office. There is no reason for you to live with pain when help can be as close as a phone call away.

Patient Testimonial:"I am so glad I found Dr. Moore"

Dr. Moore helped cure my migraines and jaw pain with some special type of nightguard. I had seen other dentists and tried everything, but I am so glad I found ... Read More

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