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What is Vitamin D for your teeth?

It seems like calcium isn’t the only thing that could strengthen your teeth. According to a study, vitamin D is also effective in preventing tooth decay. The study was published in the journal Nutrition Reviews. The article in the said journal stated that the study pulled together data from 3,000 children that took part in 24 different clinical trials which spanned from the 1920s down to the 1980s.Vitamin D for Teeth | Pelham AL Dentist

The results of the trials showed that there was a 50% drop in cases of tooth decay among individuals who had vitamin D supplementation. Researchers attribute this result to the fact that vitamin D absorbs calcium which is needed to promote the growth of teeth and bones. In the clinical trials, respondents received vitamin D either through UV radiation or through the ingestion of diet products which are rich in the vitamin such as cod liver oil.

The clinical trials were conducted by Phillipe Hujoel, Ph.D., DDS who is from the University of Washington. According to Hujoel, the main reason he conducted these trials was to provide a summary of all the existing research regarding the role of Vitamin D in teeth development so that dentists could develop a new perspective with regards to the use of Vitamin D.

However, the results of Hujoel’s research are no longer surprising. In fact, a number of dental professionals have expected the outcome to be as such. However, Hujoel’s research has verified a theory which has long been circulating in the field of dentistry which is that the deficiency of vitamin D leads to late teething in children and an increased risk of tooth decay.

In this study, Hujoel asserts that while the levels of vitamin D in populations everywhere are currently dropping, the number of cases of dental caries is commensurately on a rise. While the study is not enough to prove that there really is a link, Hujoel urges mothers to make sure that their kids receive sufficient vitamin D.

Vitamin D has received a new reputation for being a vitamin cure-all. The vitamin has been linked to lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease according to a study conducted at VA Medical Center in Minneapolis. Consequently, low levels of vitamin D could make a person more susceptible to contracting Alzheimer’s disease. Other studies are also claiming that low levels of vitamin D could lead to an increased risk of getting cancer as well as certain heart diseases.