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Does professional teeth whitening have side effects?

For most people, professional teeth whitening is an easy procedure with no negative effects when used as instructed. However, a small percentage of people do experience some slight side effects.teeth whitening pelham al

The side effect that is most commonly reported from professional teeth whitening treatments is tooth sensitivity and tenderness of the gums. When using a professional take-home whitening kit, gum tenderness usually occurs because you have used too much whitening gel.

At Moore Family Dentistry we will show you the proper way to use your teeth whitening kit, and it’s important to follow these instructions carefully to avoid any discomfort. It’s particularly important to use only the amount of whitening gel necessary to cover the front surfaces of your teeth. Using too much will cause the gel to ooze out onto tender gum tissue, causing soreness.

Another side effect some people experience is tooth sensitivity. This may occur if the concentration of the whitening gel is too high, or if you leave your trays in longer than the recommended amount of time.

If you experience sensitivity or gum tenderness, please call our Pelham dental office so we can recommend the steps you need to take to reduce discomfort and eliminate these side effects.