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Do you offer nitrous oxide sedation?

At Moore Family Dentistry, your complete comfort and peace of mind is our highest priority. We understand that many people experience fear when faced with dental procedures, and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is one of the ways we help you get through your appointment with a minimum of stress.Sedation Dentistry | Moore Family Dentistry

It may seem hard to believe, but nitrous oxide has been safely used for dental procedures since the mid-1800s! While the formulation has changed over the years, the outcome is still the same. Nitrous oxide allows many people to receive dental treatment who wouldn’t otherwise be able to go through any procedure.

The process is simple – once we start the gas, you just breathe normally through the comfortable mask. Our professional team is highly trained to perform nitrous oxide sedation, and someone will be by your side to make sure you remain comfortable.

You will not “go to sleep,” you will just feel very calm and relaxed. The purpose of nitrous oxide sedation is to allow you to just drift off into a dreamy state, although you will be awake. You will be vaguely aware of what is going on around you, but it will seem very far away.

One of the benefits of nitrous sedation is that it is very gen e and produces no after-effects. After your appointment, you will leave our Pelham dental office and be able to resume your normal activities.