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My tooth feels loose. What’s going on?

Teeth that feel loose are usually a sign that you have advanced periodontal disease. If this is the case, you should make an appointment to visit our Pelham dental office as soon as possible. Without treatment, the periodontal infection will worsen, and you stand a good chance of losing the teeth.Loose Tooth | Pelham AL Dentist

In its early stages, periodontal disease can work its way under your gumline. In most cases, at this point you will just require a deep cleaning with our hygienist, who will gently clear away the infection. We will recommend more frequent clea nings to make sure that the infection is gone and your gums are healthy.

If periodontal disease is allowed to progress, it can form deep pockets around your teeth as the infection causes your gums to deteriorate. Your teeth feel loose because they are no longer safely surrounded by healthy gum tissue to support them. Without treatment, your gum health will continue to degrade, and you may eventually lose the tooth altogether.

Prevention is the key to avoiding this situation from occurring in the first place. Practice conscientious oral hygiene, and stick to a routine of regular professional cleanings at our Pelham dental office. Your good oral health depends on it!